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We Are:


Empyrean PR and Media Group, LLC., is a boutique, black, woman-owned, entertainment communications and media consulting firm. We specialize in industry media strategy, brand architecture, and image projection. We strategically manage the flow of information between an individual or an organization, corporation, and the general public. We assist our corporate and individual clients in gaining exposure to their audiences utilizing new media principles, topics of public interest, and savvy wordsmithing. We have the propensity to create, on behalf of and participate with our clients, events including speaking engagements, award shows, symposiums, press conferences, panel discussions, and public forums.

Our Passion:

We genuinely believe in and support creative expression through media and various artforms, but are most dedicated to altering the current industry climate and culture. Through our works, we are steadfast and diligent in breaking down barriers, garnering diversity and inclusion, reflecting a global perspective, and grooming industry leadership. Our mission is to use our words, influence, and presence in the industry to affect the inevitable change we desire to see in music streaming, digital video games, and film and television programming. We are "changing the guard."


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