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The High Hopes of Marriage Minded Only's Head Woman in Charge

Angela Thompson: The New "Big Deal" in the Tech World


Q. Who is Angela J. Thompson?

A. Foremost, I am a wife, and mother.

After years of nurturing, growing and supporting my family, I sought to pursue my own aspirations. I, then, became business woman, licensed coach, writer and speaker.

I dubbed myself a serial entrepreneur, because I have always had the ability to avert and solve problems, as well as create solutions and seize opportunities in many aspects of my private and professional life.

Subsequently, I started my real estate investment and redevelopment firms over a decade ago. Today, I find myself, a developer and have just entered into media production.

Recently, I launched a new tech company and the premiere marriage-focused, dating app,

Q. What is

A. (MMO) is a website and mobile application that connects love-seekers, in a relationship conducive environment where other quality, like-minded people meet. They are able to explore various levels of friendship and intimacy. The initial and ultimate goal is to achieve long-term commitment. We are a dating site that caters to people who are serious about their desire to be married. We attract, only, men and women who want to share lasting love with someone else.

Q. Why

A. Whether it be an economic decision, as in the days of old, or a conclusion drawn via mutual love, marriage should not be taken lightly, as two are legally bound and responsible to one another.

MMO provides a superior, serious dating experience and insight into both the member and those they desire to meet.

Q. What's the MMO Difference?

A. MMO Bridges the gap between Dating and Marriage. MMO encourages longevity and lasting companionship. As dating is a stage of romantic engagements where two people meet, with the aim assessing the suitability of a prospective partner, and perhaps settling into a more committed intimate relationship or marriage. MMO desires to be the conduit, through which, the latter pursuit is achieved.

Q. How Do We Connect with Marriage Minded Only on Social Media:

A. Facebook: @marriagemindedonly, Twitter: @marriageminds, Instagram:@marriagemindedonly and on Pinterest: @marriagemindedonly


Message from Angela:

"As, I have created my own formula for success across multiple industries, I take advantage of opportunities to show women and girls around the world that they can have anything they want if they work hard to get it. I, too, was that little girl, young woman, and housewife that would not have realized my wildest dreams, but I now live them. I encourage women to dream, wildly!"

Angela J. Thompson is available for speaking engagements and panel discussions.

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